British Indoor Karting Championship Preparation – (dates to be confirmed)

Our aim is:-

To prepare students for participation in the British Schools’ Karting Championship ( held in Terms 3 and 4 each academic year.  Please see photographs of our students in action by clicking here.

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Our objectives are:-

• 2 teams will compete in the British Schools’ Karting Championship in January.
• At least 1 team will qualify for the second round of the British Schools’ Karting Championship.
• achieve 85% completion rates.
• achieve 75% attendance rates.
• show improved attendance at school.
• show improved behaviour at school.
• show improvement in key skills.
• progress onto an accredited course in-house or at a College of Further Education or into employment.


  • “Great staff who take an interest in me”
  • “Helpful and I love working on the vehicles”
  • “never knew I could do it”
  • “Great fun and really learned a lot”



  • “well managed, well organised and get plenty of good feedback from Wheels and our students”
  • “Easy to access and plenty of options”
  • “Don’t have to commit lots of money all at once”
  • “Made a fantastic difference to the self-confidence of our students which has helped them engage with what we’re offering back at school”
  • “An excellent resource which has good policies and practices and offers a safe environment for our students”
  • “always looking to help us”
  • “Experts at working with our students”



  • “A wonderful environment in which to enable their students to develop skills for work and skills for life”
  • “Somewhere that provides the care and attention needed by these students”
  • “a brilliant place to learn safely about work, friendship and helping others”
  • ‘ gives great value for money’


  • Students will have completed our Karts course before joining this course
  • Students usually attend another of our courses in the morning before attending this training in the afternoon/evenings
  • Students will attend training sessions in Kart racing leading up to the BSKC competition
  • All Personal Protective Clothing and equipment (PPE) is supplied
  • Format:-
  • Sign in to Karting Centre
  • Issue of all PPE
  • Health & Safety Briefing
  • 2 x 15 minute drives with coaching after first drive
  • Personal performance sheet issued after each training drive (lap times, laps completed, finish position by best lap time)
  • Transport is normally supplied by The Wheels Project
  • Pre Round 1 is held at Teamsport, Avonmouth once a week in terms 1, 2 and 3 subject to finances
  • Students compete in BSKC in teams of 3
  • Minimum height of competitors is 5' 2''
  • Age 14-18 years old
  • Entry Fee to BSKC is £185 per team of 3 - this includes entry to all rounds subject to qualification (including Round 1 practice session)
  • Teams which qualify for the next round through The Wheels Project will attend a minimum number of 3 further training sessions held at the same venue as the SW Regional Finals.
  • Risk Assessments are available from each Karting Track used by Wheels
  • All tracks used by Wheels carry a British Karting Association certificate of approval
  • Wheels has had at least 1 team reach this stage since 2012 but so far have not succeeded in reaching the Final due mainly to insufficient funds to offer the same levels of training offered by other organisations and parents.

  • Groups will be pre-formed by the referring organisation.
  • Group size is restricted to a maximum of 8 students.
  • Wheels does not have more than one group at its centre at any one time.
  • New students can start up to week 2 but no later.
  • A Risk Assessment and Evidence of need completed by students must be completed by Key Workers before start of course – those with history of violent behaviour are excluded from Wheels programmes. Failure to submit a formal assessment will lead to delay and forfeit of sessions.

A student’s behaviour should be causing concern to group leaders and exhibit at least three of the following factors:

• Aged between 14 – 18
• Anti-social behaviour
• Poor educational record
• Truanting
• Exclusion from school
• Criminal record

The Wheels Project Ltd
31-32 Bonville Road
Bristol BS4 5QH

Tel : 0117 971 1711
Contact : David Glossop, General Manager

  • 1 or 2 Workshop Supervisors from The Wheels Project
  • 1 Group Leader (optional)

This programme will take place out of school hours.

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