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Community Vehicle Programmes usually take place half a day a week over three academic terms and follows on directly from our Karts, Vehicle Servicing courses and often in conjunction with one of our road safety courses for the remainder of the day.

Community Vehicle Programme

This programme sets out to help our students to identify and select a community group in need of a vehicle. The aim of the CVP is to acquire a suitable vehicle so that the students can prepare it up to MOT standard before gifting it at the end of the programme to the Community group they selected at the start.

Along the way they will undertake training in First Aid at Work, Road Safety Awareness, a visit to their chosen Charity and the option of a visit to the Mini factory or the Haynes Motor museum in Somerset.

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  • “Great staff who take an interest in me”
  • “Helpful and I love working on the vehicles”
  • “never knew I could do it”
  • “Great fun and really learned a lot”



  • “well managed, well organised and get plenty of good feedback from Wheels and our students”
  • “Easy to access and plenty of options”
  • “Don’t have to commit lots of money all at once”
  • “Made a fantastic difference to the self-confidence of our students which has helped them engage with what we’re offering back at school”
  • “An excellent resource which has good policies and practices and offers a safe environment for our students”
  • “always looking to help us”
  • “Experts at working with our students”



  • “A wonderful environment in which to enable their students to develop skills for work and skills for life”
  • “Somewhere that provides the care and attention needed by these students”
  • “a brilliant place to learn safely about work, friendship and helping others”
  • ‘ gives great value for money’


Community Vehicle Programmes usually take place one day a week over three academic terms and are designed to follow on directly from our  Karts and  Servicing programmes (each of 1 term duration).

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They consist of five 2.5 hour workshop based sessions plus a driving activity during the last session of each term. This may include go-kart racing at TeamSport, Avonmouth or a driving skills in the Project’s vehicle on private ground either at The Wheels Project or at a Wheels approved centre elsewhere.

Each group will be helped to identify, purchase and prepare a suitable vehicle that will be gifted to an appropriate community organisation (local, national or international).

This course has been nationally accredited and students can work towards modules in the OCR’s National Skills Profile in Motor Vehicle Studies (Entry 3 level).

Students may complete the following modules:

  • The students will carry out the repair and maintenance of oils, filters, wheels and tyres, brakes, suspension units, steering system, interiors and some body work (no painting).
  • Help to identify and purchase a suitable vehicle with assistance from Supervisors.
  • Recognise the importance of safety procedures in the workplace.
  • Find out about the structure of motor vehicles.
  • Use tools and equipment correctly.
  • Carry out basic repair and maintenance tasks to MOT standard.
  • Establish a list of modifications required to suit the conditions where the vehicle is to be used.
  • Completion of End of Course Evaluation Forms by Wheels staff, students and key worker to measure any transformations observed

The Wheels Project Ltd
31-32 Bonville Road
Bristol BS4 5QH

Tel: 0117 977 1717
Contact: David Glossop, General Manager


  • Transport of students is not provided by the Project.


  • The karting event will take place during the last session of each term, exclusively for your group.  It is held at TeamSport, Third Way, Avonmouth (tel:  0845 109 109).
  • All students who complete the course may (see the three bullet points below) be eligible to participate in the karting event.  To comply with TeamSport’s rules and regulations students must be aged 14 on the day in order to take part in the race laps.
  • A student will be excluded from the karting session if he/she has been absent for more than two sessions during the term.
  • Wheels’ Supervisors have the discretion to bar a student from attending the karting session, on the grounds of safety, if that student’s behaviour throughout the course has caused sufficient concern.  The student will be informed of this decision during the last session at Wheels prior to karting.
  • A student will not be able to attend the karting event if he/she has not returned the signed parent/guardian consent form (given out during the first session at Wheels) by the week before karting at the latest.
  • Two members of staff  must be present at the karting session.  At least one will be a member of the Wheels Project staff, the other maybe a Key Worker from the referring organisation.
  • One member of staff accompanying a group will be able to take part in the karting, provided there are at least two members of staff present.


  • No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed and anyone suspected of being under the influence will be excluded for that session.
  • Students who repeatedly break the rules agreed in week 1 will be warned by our Supervisors, their referring supervisor notified and may be excluded from the group permanently if that behaviour continues.
  • Violent behaviour will result in immediate removal from the course.
  • Students will be warned against bullying behaviour and will be removed from the course if this behaviour persists.

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