Request a Community Vehicle

Does your charity or community group require a vehicle?  If the answer is yes, The Wheels Project would love to help.  All of our vehicles are refurbished to MOT standard and to your required specification.  Please either telephone on 0117 971 1711 or email the General Manager at  with details of your organisation and the type of vehicle you require.

We will make enquiries on your behalf to possible donors to establish if we can obtain your vehicle for you for free.  We would expect you to be looking to do the same on behalf of your organisation.

Should you find a suitable vehicle, we would be happy to inspect it in order to assess its roadworthiness, determine the amount of time needed and the estimated cost of any replacement parts to complete the refurbishment.  If this exceeds our budget, we may ask for a contribution to the costs from you.

More often than not the vehicles used on the community vehicle programme are donated to us and when this is the case, the vehicle is given to the community group free of charge.  However, if we are unsuccessful in acquiring a vehicle for you for free then we will discuss alternative options with you.

Once completed, the vehicle is handed over to you by the students and staff of The Wheels Project.  You will own the vehicle outright but will be responsible for taxing and insuring it before driving it away.